Massage FAQs

Massage FAQs

What should I wear?

As much or as little as you want! I want you to feel comfortable. Many people get completely bare and are covered with a towel,sheet and or blanket but others prefer leave their undergarments or pants on. It's up to you! 

How often should I receive treatment? 

Many people choose to come each week or twice a month. Others choose to come one time a month, and some simply come in for a massage as a sporadic treat!

What if the pressure is too much? 

Speak up! This is your massage, and I want you to be as comfortable as possible. If, at any point, you want more or less pressure, you're too hot or too cold, or if you want a different area worked, let me know! 

When should I not get a massage? 

There are few conditions that should prevent you from getting a massage. If you have an active infection or illness, reach out to Leesa before booking. 

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